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About Us

Bravo Consult was founded on the basis of providing a high-quality of work delivered in a time-efficient manner.

We specialise in property subdivision projects in the South East Queensland region and can assist from concept right through to plan sealing. Our team of experienced engineers have done numerous subdivision projects of their own and have operated a civil construction company throughout that time.
We use our experience in the field, to save you costs and time when negotiating with a service provider (e.g. Brisbane City Council, Urban Utilities, or Unity Water).

Need help with a property subdivision in Brisbane?

Our team of civil engineers at Bravo Consult can assist from 
concept right through to plan sealing. 

Our services

We offer a full range of civil engineering services in the South East Queensland region including Brisbane, Logan, Moreton Bay, Ipswich, and more.

Concept Engineering Services Plan and Reports​

Most subdivision projects require a conceptual servicing plan to demonstrate it complies with the planning scheme requirements.

Stormwater Management (Quality and Quantity)​

If your project requires modelling for stormwater management to demonstrate non-worsening. We can help!

Operational Works Plans​

Got your approvals from Council and need to start your construction? Our team can prepare detailed operational works plans and handle all approvals with local council.

Construction Management Plans​

Ready to break dirt? You’ll need a construction management plan to ensure everything runs safely and smoothly.

Flood Modelling​

Brisbane, Queensland, and more experience the risk of damaging floods. Work with Bravo Consult to assess your flood risk or get a flood report today.​

Overland Flow Reports​

Bravo Consult Evaluates Flood Risk. Don’t Wait to Get an Overland Flow Study. Brisbane and surrounding areas receive torrential rain that can leave your property at risk due to overland flow.

Our Process


Enquire with us.

Most of the time, we’re happy to provide our initial thoughts on your project free of charge.

Provide a quote

If you’re keen to proceed, we’ll give you a obligation free quote to work into your feasibility.

Development application

We work along side your town planner, and other consultants through the development application process.

Post-DA works

Once your development application comes out of Council, we can provide you a quote to start on the next operational works phase of the project.

Operational Works

Our background is in project management and civil construction, so we know where to save you costs during your operational works phase.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve answered some of our most frequently asked questions that we get as civil engineers in Brisbane. If we haven’t answered your questions below, get in touch and I’m sure one of our team can assist.
Bravo Consult is based in the Brisbane City Council locality but service the wider South East Queensland region including Brisbane, Logan, Moreton Bay, Ipswich, Redlands, and Gold Coast. If you’re unsure we can help you, please reach out to one of our team.
A civil engineer typically needs to be involved in a subdivision project during the planning and design stages of the project – We’re up there with the town planners! We’re responsible for ensuring that the development complies with local regulations, such as planning scheme codes and policies. By having us involved early on, we can ensure that the design of infrastructure and services can be cost effective, and reasonably achievable to give you the confidence to push ahead. This include the design of roads, sewer and water connections, stormwater drainage, and bulk earthworks.
The overall cost of a subdivision project can vary greatly and depend on a range of factors, for example, how many allotments you are proposing, where it is, who the service providers are, and what planning constraints might be in place. Our civil engineers can assist in providing a cost estimate for your subdivision project. If you’re after a ball-park, from our experience, a 1 into 2 lot subdivision in South East Queensland will cost you up to $200,000 (incl. everything from planning through to plan sealing).
Our objective is to provide the most time and cost-efficient service possible, depending on the scale of the project and the potential issues the costs could range vary. To best way to get an idea of what a civil engineer charges would be to enquire with one of our team.

Our experienced team not only design these projects, but we have years of experience in actually building them! There are several ways to save costs in a civil project:

1. Bravo Consult provides a fast-turnaround for you to reduce your holding costs and allow you to make informed decisions about your next costs.

2. We optimise your design to reduce the amount of materials needed by using innovative construction techniques and reducing the scope of the project by only providing what is necessary. 

3. We have years of experience in actually delivering these projects, not only for clients, but for ourselves too. We work closely with contractors to ensure any cost-saving in the design can be achieved. 

In South East Queensland, Urban Utilities is a major distributor and retailer of water, providing drinking water, recycled water, and sewerage services to over 1.5 million people. Any development project in Brisbane City Council, City of Ipswich, Scenic Rim Regional Council, Lockyer Valley Regional Council, and Somerset Regional Council will require input from Urban Utilities to organise water and sewer connections. Our civil engineers can assist in designing to their standards and liaising with them for inspections and endorsement.

Need help with a property subdivision in Brisbane?

Our team of civil engineers at Bravo Consult can assist from 
concept right through to plan sealing.