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A construction management plan (CMP) is a document that outlines how construction works will be carried out safely, efficiently, and with minimal impact on the environment and surrounding community. In Queensland, depending on the scale of your project, a CMP might required for any construction project that involves building works or demolition activities, particularly if the project is located in a densely populated area, has significant environmental or heritage value, or involves high-risk activities.

Some Council regions will allow for ‘minor’ construction management plans which are generally easier to comply with, and ‘major construction management plans can be a bit more involved. A CMP must be prepared by a competent person and our RPEQ can assist in developing a cost effective, and compliant construction management plan for you subdivision project.

Starting your operational works phase of a subdivision project? You might need a Construction Management Plan (CMP). We can help!

We’ve spent years in the construction side of subdivision projects and know exactly what is required to be put into a construction management plan. We ensure it is a cost effective solution delivered to you as quickly as possible.

Our process


Enquire with us.

Most of the time, we’re happy to provide our initial thoughts on your project free of charge. 


Provide a quote

If you’re keen to proceed, we’ll give you a obligation free quote to work into your feasibility.


Development application

We work along side your town planner, and other consultants through the development application process. 


Post-DA works

Once your development application comes out of Council, we can provide you a quote to start on the next operational works phase of the project.


Operational Works

Our background is in project management and civil construction, so we know where to save you costs during your operational works phase.

Frequently Asked Questions

We've answered some of our most frequently asked questions that we get as civil engineers in Brisbane. If we haven't answered your questions below, get in touch and I'm sure one of our team can assist.

When is a Construction Management Plan needed for a subdivision of land?

Generally, any subdivision project will need some level of construction management involved, this is where a CMP will come into play. Depending on the scale of your project, it might be a simple document that outcomes the scope of works, schedules, emergency response procedures etc. or a more detailed document outlining every stage of the project.

If you need a Construction Management Plan, it will be conditioned as part of your approval permits from local council.

If you’re unsure if you need a CMP, contact one of our staff to discuss more!

Who can prepare a Construction Management Plan?

Any competent person can prepare a CMP, this will generally be a licensed builder, architect, surveyor, or RPEQ engineer. Our engineers don’t only have experience in drafting these documents and getting them endorsed, we also have been on the other side and worked within the confines of a CMP. So we know exactly where the pain points can be for the site works which can lead to more cost and headaches. 

Our CMPs are fit for purpose and drafted to achieve the safest, and most streamline delivery of your subdivision project.

What is a Construction Management Plan (CMP)?

To minimise disruption to the local community, Council may require the submission of a Construction Management Plan (CMP) before works can commence. The CMP will include procedures for the following kinds of works:

  • public safety, amenity and site security
  • construction hours
  • noise control
  • air and dust management
  • stormwater and sediment control
  • waste management
  • traffic management.

 Our RPEQ engineers can provide a Construction Management Plan for your subdivision project.

What is a 'pre-start' meeting and when is it needed?

A pre-start meeting is can be required before initiating any site works, provided that all pre-construction requirements have been met. The development approval conditions usually specify the necessity of a pre-start meeting. Depending on the approval conditions, certain items may need to be submitted to Council before requesting the pre-start meeting – for example, an operational works application or a construction management plan.

Our engineers will be met on-site by the relevant technical officers from Council’s Engineering engineering team. We will also recommend that you attend so you can understand what kinds of works are going to be required. The civil contractor will also be in attendance at this meeting to ensure they are aware of the site constraints and any agreements with Council. 

What is generally involved in a 'minor' construction management plan?

A consultant who possesses the necessary qualifications (e.g. one of our engineers) can prepare and endorse a minor CMP without input from Council. That means, no Council approval is necessary! This is what we’re always aiming for in our operational works applications. If a project is a bit more complicated or is of a larger scale, a major CMP needs to be created and endorsed by a qualified consultant and submitted to Council for approval.

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