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About Construction Management Plans

What Are CMPs, or Construction Management Plans?

A construction management plan, or CMP, covers the planning of how construction projects will work, be completed safely, and have a reduced environmental impact. In Queensland, Brisbane, and other similar areas, CMPs are often required depending on the scope of work and the type of work being completed. Civil Contractors like Pembroke Construction often need a CMP before they can start work on a Project. At Bravo Consult, we can help you develop CMPs for both large-scale projects and smaller-scale operations that may be able to rely on simpler documentation practices. When you work with us, we’ll account for:


Project Scope

At Bravo Consult, we’re a civil engineering firm with engineers who are experienced in drafting these documents and working within their confines. With knowledge on both sides of the aisle, our team won’t slow your project down.

Work Schedule

Our CMP documents include a work schedule of when the work will be done each day and an estimate of project completion dates.

Traffic Management

Depending on the type of civil construction being completed, our construction project management plan includes considerations for managing the flow of traffic throughout construction.

Emergency Protocols

We handle another crucial aspect of CMPs: emergency protocols. Public safety and site security must be considered throughout construction and documented in a CMP.

Byproduct Management

Construction sites produce high levels of dust and sediment, waste, and noise. All of these aspects must be managed. A control plan for excess dust and waste will make the approval process easier.

Environmental Disturbance Reductions

Our civil engineering firm also considers the environmental implications of both the finished work and the construction process. It makes reasonable accommodations to ensure the smallest effect on the surrounding environment. Stormwater and sediment control must also be managed throughout the project.

Don’t try to handle complicated CMP documents on your own. Let the Bravo Consult experts start your project on the right track. 

Why Bravo Consult for Civil Construction Management Services

Depending on the scope of your project, you may be able to submit a minor construction management plan, which can be prepared and endorsed through us without the need for Council approval. In other, larger construction projects, a full CMP will need to be submitted, and you will need to garner approval from the Council. Bravo Consult can help your project with a successful and detailed construction project management plan regardless of your needs.

CMPs are developed by experienced engineers who have worked on the documentation and construction side of the business.

Extensive industry experience allows us to offer better solutions within CMP documentation.

We get many projects approved with minor construction management plans.

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