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Overland Flow Report

Manage Overland Flow, Runoff, Soil Erosion, and More with Proper Planning from Bravo Consult

Bravo Consult Evaluates Flood Risk. Don’t Wait to Get an Overland Flow Study. Brisbane and surrounding areas receive torrential rain that can leave your property at risk due to overland flow.

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What is Overland Flow

Overland flow, or surface runoff, is water movement over a land surface. This happens when creeks or rivers overflow or the ground is too saturated from heavy rainfall to absorb more water. Considerations must be made to account for overland flow in property developments or urban areas. Areas prone to overland flow have a much higher flood risk than those not typically in a flood zone.
Urban areas are more prone to overland flow issues partly because plants and vegetation help the ground absorb water better. In an urban area, stormwater drainage systems must manage the overland flow. If those become clogged or overworked, you will see overland flow events.

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Work with us to Prevent Overland Flow on Your Property Developments

Brisbane and the greater Queensland area are at risk of overland flow events due to their propensity for heavy rainfall in urban areas. At Bravo Consult, we take a collaborative approach to working with property developers. We help you create safer and more sustainable communities by giving you access to our expert flood engineers for consultations.

Leaving the risks of overland flow by the wayside may not be possible if council approval is required. Even so, overland flow presents many risks that can be otherwise avoided by working with us to assess your property development for potential overland flow pain points. When you work with Bravo Consult, we’ll help you mitigate the risks of surface runoff, such as:

Local or Urban Flooding

Soil Erosion

Local or Urban Flooding

Infrastructure Damage

Lower Perceived Property Value

Work with Bravo Consult to mitigate the risks and issues associated with overland flow. When you get an overland flow study, we’ll complete site evaluations and advise on which strategies are most effective for reducing your risks, such as:

Effective Stormwater Drainage

We’ll evaluate the potential for surface runoff and determine the best stormwater drainage methods for your development. This includes looking at both the quantity and quality of overland flow water management needed.

Soil Erosion Control Measures

Our expert engineers will advise you on other soil erosion control measures, such as retaining wall construction, vegetation installation, and suggesting flood-resistant designs.

Suggested Maintenance

We’ll also provide you with a suggested maintenance schedule to ensure your overland flow drainage system works as intended and won’t fail when needed most.

Proper planning and appropriate measures to handle surface runoff can prevent issues with overland flow in property development. Work with us today to develop a strategy to deal with overland flow and reduce your property's flood risk.

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