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We offer a full range of civil engineering services in the South East Queensland region including Brisbane, Logan, Moreton Bay, Ipswich, and more.

Concept Engineering Services Plan and Reports​

Most subdivision projects require a conceptual servicing plan to demonstrate it complies with the planning scheme requirements.

Stormwater Management (Quality and Quantity)​

If your project requires modelling for stormwater management to demonstrate non-worsening. We can help!

Operational Works Plans​

Got your approvals from Council and need to start your construction? Our team can prepare detailed operational works plans and handle all approvals with local council.

Construction Management Plans​

Ready to break dirt? You’ll need a construction management plan to ensure everything runs safely and smoothly.

Flood Modelling​

Brisbane, Queensland, and more experience the risk of damaging floods. Work with Bravo Consult to assess your flood risk or get a flood report today.​

Overland Flow Reports​

Bravo Consult Evaluates Flood Risk. Don’t Wait to Get an Overland Flow Study. Brisbane and surrounding areas receive torrential rain that can leave your property at risk due to overland flow.

Need help with a property subdivision in Brisbane?

Our team of civil engineers at Bravo Consult can assist from 
concept right through to plan sealing.