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Once you get your planning permits from Local Council, the next phase will be to start your operational works process. We will be your first point of call! Our civil engineers can put together a detailed set of construction drawings and even assist in the tendering process so you can start breaking ground as quickly as possible.

Sometimes, we also recommend starting the operational works process towards the end of your development application process so we can lodge your Operational Works (OPW) applications as soon as possible.

Just got your development approval for a subdivision project? You'll need to start the Operational Works Phase. That's were we step in!

We aim to provide the most cost efficient design using innovative solutions to get you in and out of a subdivision project in the fastest way possible. We have years of experience in constructing subdivisions ourselves, so we know where to save you money!

Our process


Enquire with us.

Most of the time, we’re happy to provide our initial thoughts on your project free of charge. 


Provide a quote

If you’re keen to proceed, we’ll give you a obligation free quote to work into your feasibility.


Development application

We work along side your town planner, and other consultants through the development application process. 


Post-DA works

Once your development application comes out of Council, we can provide you a quote to start on the next operational works phase of the project.


Operational Works

Our background is in project management and civil construction, so we know where to save you costs during your operational works phase.

Frequently Asked Questions

We've answered some of our most frequently asked questions that we get as civil engineers in Brisbane. If we haven't answered your questions below, get in touch and I'm sure one of our team can assist.

Why would I need an Operational Works permit (OPW)?

Dependant upon the scale of your development project, if you are requiring significant infrastructure works (e.g. a sewer connection, earthworks, or constructing a road), you will likely need an approval for Operational Works.

Operational Works approvals might encompass activities such as Filling and Excavation, road construction, management of vegetation and/or restoration, stormwater drainage (excluding house drainage), and footpath construction, among other types of infrastructure. But, don’t forget the common ones such as permits for the provision of water and sewer reticulation, electricity, and telecommunication supply.

Who can prepare an Operational Works application?

Any civil engineer who has a degree in engineering can prepare an application for operational works but we recommend using someone familiar with the local council planning scheme policies and utility provider requirements. In Queensland, all engineering plans at the OPW stage will be required to be signed by a Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland (RPEQ).

We do note, an Operational Works application does not necessarily need to be lodged by a civil engineering firm. Anyone can lodge the application so long as it is accompanied by sufficient supporting documentation.

What is Council compliance assessment?

Where an Operational Works permit is required, you may need a ‘compliance assessment’ done by local council. This is kind of a ‘quality assurance’ check by the future owner of the asset (usually a local council) and will be required prior to obtaining your plan sealing. That is, before you can get your titles.

What is the Portable Long Service Leave levy?

For any operational works with construction value greater than $150,000, The Building and Construction Industry (Portable Long Service Leave) Act 1991 (the Act) ensures the provision of paid leave to workers for service to the building and construction industry.

Under the Act, workers are entitled to long service leave payments regardless of whether they work on different projects for one or more employers. Workers are paid leave in recognition of their continuous service to the industry.

We make sure any levy fees are accounted for and paid.

What does OPW mean?

OPW is an abbreviation for ‘Operational Works’. It is generally used when referencing an application for operational works. For example, most Council’s will have a permit reference that will be ‘OPW/123/2023’. 

What does RPEQ mean?

RPEQ stands for “Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland.” It is a professional accreditation that is required by law for engineers who want to offer engineering services in Queensland, Australia. The registration ensures that the engineer has met certain education, experience, and competency standards and is bound by a code of ethics. 

An RPEQ is responsible for ensuring that any engineering work they perform complies with relevant standards, regulations, and legislation, and they may also be required to provide certification or sign-off on certain engineering projects.

Bravo Consult has an RPEQ on board to provide this exact service.

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