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For every subdivision project, you will need to demonstrate that each new allotment can be appropriately serviced by infrastructure. That includes where your sewer, water, and stormwater connections will go. Our civil engineers have year of experience in constructing subdivision projects and ensure that we give you, or your town planner, a council compliant set of plans so you can get your approvals as quickly as possible.

Doing a subdivision? You'll need a concept services plan and report!

We work closely with town planners to ensure we tick all the boxes for Council officers so you can get your approvals as quickly as possible!

Our Process


Enquire with us.

Most of the time, we’re happy to provide our initial thoughts on your project free of charge.

Provide a quote

If you’re keen to proceed, we’ll give you a obligation free quote to work into your feasibility.

Development application

We work along side your town planner, and other consultants through the development application process. This is generally where a Concept Services report would be provided to Council.

Post-DA works

Once your development application comes out of Council, we can provide you a quote to start on the next operational works phase of the project.

Operational Works

Our background is in project management and civil construction, so we know where to save you costs during your operational works phase.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve answered some of our most frequently asked questions that we get as civil engineers in Brisbane. If we haven’t answered your questions below, get in touch and I’m sure one of our team can assist.
Our objective is to provide the most time and cost-efficient servicing planpossible, depending on the scale of the project and the potential issues the costs could range vary. To best way to get an idea of what a civil engineer charges would be to enquire with one of our team.

For almost all development projects, you will need to show Council how you can appropriately connect each new allotment or unit to services. This includes sewer, water, power, stormwater, telecommunications etc. A cost efficient concept plan can be an easy way to show Council that connections are possible to streamline the development application process for you.

We can also provide concept services plan before a town planner is involved to make sure it stacks up in your feasibility and identify any major cost implications or servicing issues.

We understand that holding costs can sometimes have a huge impact on the feasibility of a project. We aim to provide the fastest turnaround possible for our services plan and reports which is usually 1-2 weeks. To get an idea of timeframes and costs, feel free to reach out to one of our staff.

A concept services report is a plan that is prepared by a Civil Engineer that demonstrates to the authority that the proposed development can be serviced by infrastructure. This includes sewer, water, stormwater, driveways, power, and telecommunications.

We have experience in constructing subdivision projects and ensure that even at a concept level, the design will be the most cost efficient possible.

Our scope of works has been prepared to the best of our knowledge at the time of enquiry. Our aim is to provide for conceptual engineering services to assist in the lodgement and assessment of your application with your relevant local council. We have copied our general scope of works below:

Concept Civil Engineering Report:

  1. Site overview
  2. Site encumbrances
  3. Identification of existing services
  4. Identification of existing site features & improvements
  5. Review of the planning scheme affecting the proposed development
  6. A detailed review of the proposed development
  7. A summary of the proposed site servicing (concept level) including the location of connections to the following services in accordance with the Local Council planning scheme:
    • Sewer
    • Water
    • Stormwater
    • Access
    • Refuse Collection
    • Telecommunications
    • Power
    • Gas
  8. A review of the legislative requirements
  9. A code response to the Local Council planning scheme requirements.
  10. A review of the state planning policy requirements
  11. Identification of any additional reporting required
  12. A summary and conclusion


Concept Civil Engineering Plan including:

Preparation of a site-based servicing plan identify how the proposal could be serviced by the above noted services. The purpose of this plan is to demonstrate that the development can be appropriately serviced to comply with the local council planning scheme requirements. This is not a construction set of plans suitable for operational works.

Erosion Hazard Assessment (Brisbane only):

Completing an Erosion hazard assessment for the purposes of lodgement to Brisbane City Council.

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