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Brisbane Subdivision: Merging Luxury and Conservation at Ferny Grove

Today, we’re sharing a Brisbane subdivision straight out of 137 Mcginn Rd, Ferny Grove. A unique blend of vision, expertise, and respect for our environment has led to an outstanding achievement. Shane Edwards of Bravo Consult and Nelson Wills from New Ground Environmental have successfully demonstrated that luxury living and environmental preservation can go hand in hand.

A balanced approach: Merging luxury and conservation at Ferny Grove

The task at hand was far from simple: design a subdivision with six luxury lots, but also make sure that the local Koala habitat and native flora were protected. This isn’t your everyday brief, but Shane and Nelson were more than up to the challenge.

Shane Edwards, leading the team at Bravo Consult, was responsible for the civil engineering aspect of the subdivision design. They didn’t just design a few blocks; they crafted a harmonious blend of luxury living and environmental sustainability. A blueprint, if you will, for future development that doesn’t turn a blind eye to our natural surroundings.

On the other side, Nelson Wills and his team at New Ground Environmental undertook the task of conducting a comprehensive tree survey and environmental impact study. Their expertise ensured that the subdivision design was as respectful and considerate to the local ecosystem as possible. Particularly focusing on the precious Koala habitat and local flora.

137 Mcginn Rd, Ferny Grove

The Development Approval (DA) process

The Development Approval (DA) process was no walk in the park. It required patience, a keen eye for detail, and a steadfast commitment to the project’s vision. Shane and Nelson successfully navigated the process, ensuring compliance with all necessary regulations while preserving the project’s environmental integrity.

And they’ve done it. Not only have they achieved an approved subdivision, but they’ve also set a benchmark for how luxury living and environmental preservation can coexist. They’ve shown that thoughtful design and careful planning can yield a result that benefits both the residents and the environment.

Soon, new families will call this place home. They’ll be living in a place that seamlessly combines the comforts of modern living with the natural beauty of the Australian bush. Waking up to the sights of native flora and the sounds of Koalas in their natural habitat. They’ll be living proof that progress and environmental respect can coexist.

So here’s to Shane Edwards, Nelson Wills, and their dedicated teams. Their hard work has resulted in a subdivision that doesn’t just house families, but also protects and respects our natural world. This project isn’t just a success story; it’s an example and inspiration for all future developments.

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